Empowering People with Special Needs
Utthan synonymous with upliftment was established in 1978 under the aegis of a small trust viz. Gujarat Stree Pragati Mandal in Paldi, Ahmedabad. Utthan was given recognition by the Gujarat State Govt. in 1980.

Gujarat Stree Pragati Mandal (reg.# F210) was initiated in 1962.

This organization conducts activities for women. Its main activity is Utthan which works for the cause of the mentally challenged. The trust also has a working women’s hostel under its wings since1984.

The beginning of Utthan (in 1978) was small with only 7 young adolescent males on roll. Despite a small beginning, today the agency runs 4 centres and has 60 male trainees and 12 female trainees on roll.

The centres are as under:

  • Utthan Talim Kendra
  • Utthan Production Kendra
  • Utthan Shikshan Kendra
  • Umang Utthan Kendra for females.


The cornerstone of the philosophy of Utthan…a day-care centre…is habilitation of mentally challenged persons of 14 years and above. The guiding principle at Utthan is look at the Ability, and Overlook the Disability.

Utthan also strives to serve the socio-economically marginalized children of the society. Utthan envisages building a society where every member is sensitive to the socio-psychological needs of these sectors.

In an effort to achieve this, Utthan wishes to provide opportunities for learning and training in vocational skills to the Special people and to provide supportive education to the economically challenged.


Utthan is dedicated to imparting basic life-skills, functional academics, and vocational training to the Special Persons to help them grow and lead a life with self dignity with the maximum utilization of their limited capacity.