Meet Dinesh Purohit

(Success story)

A wheat-complexioned lean ,young male who is a promising artist at Utthan. He takes home Rs.400 per month. This year he has taken home an additional Rs.3500/ for his Art-work (designs) which has taken the form of Greeting Cards.

Moreover, since he is a semi-instructor in the pre-vocational training section, he is being paid a total stipend of Rs.1000 per month since January 2007. Dinesh’s face wore an expression of disinterest and blankness when he came to the Centre at the age of 16 in the year 2000.

At Utthan ,he was accepted with an open heart. A very permissive environment and a non-judgmental approach helped him to settle down at this pre-vocational and vocational training Centre and get involved in the activities. Initially, since he had no speech, sign language was the only way of communication with him. Over a period of time,it was realized that his learning ability was good and verbal communication was possible. He could follow verbal instructions with ease since he was he was diagnosed to be of an educable level. It was observed that he possessed skills in Maths and Drawing..To build a rapport with him, he was given practice in simple mathematical problems. Since he enjoyed doing pencil sketches, more stress was laid on this activity.

He had never worked with a paint brush or water colours. Holding his left hand,(since his right arm and leg are paralyzed) he was helped to use the paint brush. This evinced his interest further. Thereafter, he was exposed to oil paints. He now wielded the paint brush with deft strokes and created beautiful paintings. He was awarded prizes at local competitions. His confidence soared.

Gradually, he became more adept in art and his paintings took the form of Greeting cards ,which were widely sold and appreciated. In the vocational training area, he was given training in making paper-bags, with special attention to the specifications of the bag. Over time, he has mastered the skills of creasing and folding and is now independent in this area ,with a capacity to churn out 500 bags in a day. He was also inducted in the process of File making .He is now able to execute all the steps in File- making from creasing to pinning.

Since last year, he is in charge of the artistic paper-bag making section, and works as a semi instructor...he supervises and helps other trainees and also gives demonstrations to the new teachers at the Centre. His potential has bloomed remarkably. For a year, he went to Manav-Sadhna for computer learning where he took lessons in Desk-Top Publishing. Presently, he continues to learn and enhance these skills at Utthan. His progress is many faceted. He undertakes small banking jobs, such as counting currency notes, depositing money etc..

He is at home as regards cultural activities and has participated in many performances put forth by the Centre He has won laurels in games such as Table-tennis and Bocci at the State and National levels. All these accomplishments in various areas have transformed his self-image, and this has brought him the much needed appreciation and recognition from his family members which was hitherto not forthcoming. The stiffness in his right arm and leg ,a post paralysis effect, has now receded into the background. His paintings are evident of his remarkable talent in Art. The Centre would like to encourage his creative aptitude and a solo exhibition of his works is being envisaged. The environment at Utthan teemed with love and acceptance has contributed tremendously in bringing out his hidden potential.