A wheat-complexioned lean ,young male who is a promising artist at Utthan. He takes home Rs.400 per month. This year he has taken home an additional Rs.3500/ for his Art-work (designs) which has taken the form of Greeting Cards. Moreover, since he is a semi-instructor in the pre-vocational training section, he is being paid a total stipend of Rs.1000 per month since January 2007. Dinesh's face wore an expression of disinterest and blankness when he came to the Centre at the age of 16 in the year 2000.

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An encounter with Sonal,when she came to enroll herself in July 06 at the Utthan Shikshan Kendra, a supplementary education program for the economically marginalized children, living in the vicinity of Utthan and launched in july 2002,with the support of Share& Care ,was a rather disturbing one.

11 yrs. in age, studying in class 6 in a local municipal school , Sonal was unkempt as she came with her mother to this class of 44 boys and girls aged 11 to 16 for admission.

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