The focus here is imparting basic skills in eye-hand coordination and socialization, functional academics, and training in various skilled and semi-skilled jobs.

The Lower Ability group comprising of 10 is where the basic life skills are being taught.

The span of training varies from 1 to 3 years, but many a time, any discerning progress may take years, and yet if they are sent away they manifest intense behavioral problems and the parents are overcome with a feeling of helplessness.

The Mid-level group of 20 is imparted training in various skills, such as news-paper bags and tailoringā€¦The finished newspaper bag may appear to be a very simple product, yet there are so many steps involved in the making, from cutting to folding and pasting. Training period here is 1 to 5 yrs.

As the years rolled on, the trainees grew in age and developed skills. It was evident that the Special Persons had a great deal of potential. Questions aroseā€¦..

Can the training be made more meaningful? How can they be helped to contribute to the family income?? It was strongly felt that the disbursement of a monetary incentive would enhance interest and discipline in the tasks accomplished and would boost their self-image and confidence.