Smart Waste Management System

The generation & accumulation of Garbage has become a new headache associated with modern civilization,population  explosion, coupled with change in life style leads to increased generation of solid wastes in urban as well as rural areas of the country. The system of volume reduction of garbage using compactor machines has been a solution for time being, for low-lying land fill areas. But this unsystematic & unscientific methods only create uncontrolled dumps where a mixture of domestic, commercial, industrial and medical wastes are ‘thrown away’ leading to health hazards, environmental damages; apart from creating air pollution, ground water contamination & soil contamination, open dumping of wastes generally becomes breeding ground for various dreadful diseases causing pathogens and vectors, particularly in the vicinity of the disposal sites. Thus scientific disposal of solid waste is needed to make a sustainable future with healthy and hygienic environment.


world class Solid Waste Management solutions for your community

Working for a Cleaner and Greener Society. 


If you have the zeal to fight for the cause of Green Environment , this is the
perfect platform for you—-your products creation from any sort of wastes can be displayed / sold at
this ZERO waste Museum; even you can volunteer yourself as a Trainer / Motivator through live
Audio –Visual mode at the unique Auditorium at the Museum..

Project Description

Arranging awareness camps in & around Kolkata

  • Arranging awareness camps in & around Kolkata involving local clubs, schools and hi-rise building associations. People are taught how to segregate the Bio-degradable & non-degradable wastes and converting the bio wastes into valuable manure for use in kitchen gardens…also a general awareness creation for the environment as a whole.


Imparting training to various SHG/ individuals

Utthan  imparts training to various Self Help groups ( SHG) / individuals on the techniques / process of converting  solid wastes into various household  goods , room decorating items, flowers, pots and many others including pamposh/ travel bags/ TV-fridge covers, etc

These individuals/ groups have very good potential of producing such artistic handicrafts in good quantity, but lack of scope of marketing acts as major deterrents. However, Utthan tries to help them by booking table space/ stalls at different fares / exhibitions / local carnivals where they can display their products and sell them.


vision for the future

Museum dedicated to Zero-Waste Movement

  • Recently Newtown Kolkata Development Aurhority ( NKDA) has decided to set up a Museum dedicated to Zero-waste movement; it is a great achievement of Utthan to be a co-participant of this great initiative and have been allowed to use the infrastructure of Solid Waste Museum for displaying and selling of the work of these artisans; it will definitely act as a great motivation to our artisan partners. This will not only boost them up for enhanced production, but also attract more and more peoples’ involvement when a permanent marketing outlet is available. Recently, these are also available through an e-portal launched by NKDA.

Registered Address

Flat-4A ,27/1, School Row  Bhowanipore, Kolkata 700025

**All donations to UTTHAN are exempted from Income Tax u/s 80G of I.T. act , 1961.

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